Apex Legends' newest character just got a very fitting reveal

Apex Legends is due to receive a new character soon, a for a little while now, Respawn has been teasing a combatant named Forge. Today, Forge got his official reveal, but things certainly didn't go as planned. In fact, at the end of it all, we're left thinking that Forge may not be the new character for Apex Legends after all.

Forge was given a proper reveal in a new trailer from Respawn today. As part of the Outlands Television series, Forge sat down for an interview before his debut in the Apex, talking a big game about his abilities and his potential opponents. Toward the end of the trailer, the lights in the studio flicker on and off before a mysterious robotic character appears and stabs Forge through the back.

The interviewer gets splattered with blood, goes wide-eyed, and screams as the camera cuts away. We're left wondering if Respawn really killed off the character it just spent weeks hyping up, and it appears the company did. If Apex Legends has always done one thing right, it's surprises.

Players suspect that the character responsible for killing off Forge is the long-rumored Revenant, who has been leaked multiple times in the past. It seems that Revenant may be Apex Legends' new character, but it's also worth pointing that since the trailer ends right after Forge gets stabbed, we don't know what happens next – there could very well be more to this story, as Forge may not be dead.

In fact, it's probably safe to assume that Forge isn't dead since we didn't see it happen, so in that case, both may make their way to Apex Legends' roster at some point in the future. In a way, this trailer creates more questions than it answers, so we'll wait for Respawn to share more details.