Apex Legends: Emergence trailer reveals Seer's abilities

Piece by piece, Respawn Entertainment has been revealing more about Apex Legends' upcoming Emergence season. First, we had the story trailer that introduced us to the season's new character, Seer. Then, we had the gameplay trailer that showed off the new Rampage LMG and some of the changes coming to World's End. Today, we're getting the character trailer for Seer, which finally reveals the character's kit in full.

Like all the character trailers that came before it, this one gives us an up-close look at the new character's abilities. Seer, it seems, is a Legend for players who wish they could use wallhacks but whose competitive spirit stops them from installing one. That's because Seer's abilities are all centered around finding hidden enemies and taking them down.

Seer's passive ability is called Heart Seeker, and it allows him to "hear and visualize the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down sights," according to the new page for Seer on the Apex Legends website. While that has clear uses, it's not as if Seer can spend the entire match aiming down sights, as it would slow his movement speed considerably and make him a sitting duck for other enemies to pick off.

Seer's tactical ability, Focus of Attention, spawns micro-drones from his Heart Chamber, producing a delayed blast that interrupts and reveals enemies. This ability works even through walls too, so if you think an enemy is helping downed allies behind cover, you can presumably use Focus of Attention to delay that as you track them down.

Finally, we have Seer's ultimate ability, which is called Exhibit. With this ability, Seer uses his Heart Chamber to create a sphere of micro-drones that track the location of enemies who are either running or firing their weapons. Of course, that means it won't work on players who are standing still, but it can help you locate enemies who are in the heat of battle and aren't expecting Exhibit to be used.

All in all, Seer sounds like he could be a competent character that can provide a lot of support to his team. We'll see how well he performs in battle soon enough because the Emergence season launches on August 3rd.