Apex Legends: Emergence season gets one more trailer before launch

After a long build-up, Apex Legends' Emergence season is almost here. The new season launches tomorrow, but it seems that Respawn and EA have one more trailer for us before it does. After showing us the changes that are coming to World's End, the new Rampage LMG, and the capabilities of Seer in previous trailers, now the Respawn is giving us a look at some of the new items included in the Emergence Battle Pass.

Perhaps it's a little anticlimactic to save the Battle Pass trailer for last, but here we are. Front and center in the Emergence Battle Pass are limited sets for Seer (of course), Valkyrie, and Horizon. There will also be rare sets for Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Pathfinder that you can unlock as you progress through the Battle Pass.

While the skins and cosmetic sets are obviously going to be the main draw for many people, there are naturally plenty of other things to unlock in the Emergence Battle Pass. The trailer shows off several new gun charms, holosprays, banners, and gun skins, though you can see all of the rewards for each tier of the Battle Pass over on the Apex Legends website.

Emergence is shaping up to be a big season for Apex Legends. Not only are we getting a new Legend touting what appear to be powerful support capabilities, but the World's End map is also changing dramatically. This will be the 10th season for Apex Legends too, so it's a big one just thanks to the fact that we're entering double-digit territory with the season count.

Emergence kicks off tomorrow, August 3rd, and we expect a full list of patch notes and balance changes to drop alongside the new season. We'll let you know when those patch notes are live, so keep it here at SlashGear for more.