Aperion Audio shows off Home Audio Link

My living room is designed so that putting rear channel surround sound speakers in the back is just about impossible. To get good sound I ended up getting a Denon 2.1 speaker system that is more expensive than most surround sound systems I could have purchased. Since the system was so costly, I would like to get all the use out of it that I can, including streaming my iTunes tracks to the system.

I could carry my notebook in the living room and connect it to the system, but I want something more elegant. The new Aperion Audio Home Audio Link system may be exactly what I need. The system has a sender and a receiver that allows you to stream music from your PC to your home theater system wirelessly and without WiFi.

The system will also let you wirelessly stream music from your iPod or other MP3 player as well. The sending unit plugs into the PC USB port and the receiver plugs into your AV system with RCA cables. The system is priced at $149 for a single sender and receiver. Extra receiver units are available for $70 each.