Aperion Audio debuts Aperion Versus Grand home theater speakers

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2010
Aperion Audio debuts Aperion Versus Grand home theater speakers

You can spend a bunch of money on speaker for your home theater without even trying hard to do so. Many home theater speaker systems that are basic can run hundreds of dollars and a truly high-end home theater speaker system can run thousands of dollars or more. A company called Aperion Audio has unveiled a new speaker line for home theater fans called the Aperion Versus Grand.

This home theater speaker line offers all of the speakers that you need for 5.1 surround sound enjoyment. The speakers promise true to life sound quality and high-end sound quality. The speaker line is a matched set of speakers with a pair of tower speakers, a center channel, and a pair of bookshelf rear surrounds speakers.

The buyer can add the Aperion Bravus subwoofer for full 5.1 channel audio. The tower speakers have a 3-way bass reflex design with a 1″ axially radiator tweeter, dual 5-inch mid range drivers, and dual 6-inch Kevlar woofers. The towers have a power range of 20 to 300 watts and each weight 65 pounds. The tower speakers sell for $1798 per pair, the center is $699, and the surrounds are $598 per pair. They will ship on October 30.

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