APC unveils new Back-UPS Pro models with power-saving outlets

Most computer users know that one way you keep your machine running safely and without crashes is to connect them to a UPS device. These devices are battery backups that clean the power to prevent shutdowns during brownouts and blackouts and stop damage from surges. APC is one of the biggest names in UPS devices.

The company has unveiled a new line of APC Back-UPS Pro units that are offered in various models offering from six to ten outlets and extra run time from 92 to 164 minutes. All of the new models also offer new power-saving outlets. These outlets cut power to connected devices when they aren't in use.

Cutting the power to idling device can save as much as $50 per year in electricity per UPS device used. In a large business that can add up to lots of saved money each year. The products will debut in the US in Q2 at prices ranging from $129.99 to $249.99.