AOpen launches new Santa Rosa miniPC

Chris Scott Barr - May 28, 2007

If you’re into the small PCs, you might want to check out the latest offering from AOpen. Their new miniPC Duo MP965-VDR is based on the GM965 chipset and the Santa Rosa platform.

The miniPC is has a lot of nice features like built-in 802.11n draft wireless, Bluetooth, analog/digital TV and carries the Viiv logo.

Another cool feature about the miniPC from Aopen is that it includes Intel Turbo Memory which is said to decrease the amount of time it takes to boot up and access frequently used applications. I’m curious if it works better than the ReadyBoost feature that doesn’t seem to do much for Windows Vista.

AOpen Unveiled Intel “Santa Rosa”-Based Desktop miniPC [via 64bitcomputing]

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