AOL Readies the new Netscape 9.0 Browser

Ewdison Then - Feb 5, 2007

I don’t know who still uses Netscape browser, the one time king of the browser world. If you are still a fanboy of Netscape browser, you will be happy to know AOL is putting up a new release very soon. According to BetaNews, the Netscape Browser 9.0 will be tightly integrated with community driven news site that resemble Chris Frike posted a teaser screenshot of a draft for the main toolbar in his blog.

Under the hood, Netscape Browser 9.0 is Firefox codebase with some extensions to accommodate its integration to The 9.0 is developed by AOL’s own development team unlike the previous version which was outsourced to Mercurial Communications.

AOL Preparing Netscape Browser 9.0 [via betanews]

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