AOL, Google, and others sued for patent infringement on search filtering tech

Some of the biggest search engines in the world have been sued along with a US retailing giant. The suit alleges that the firms are infringing on patents that have to do with relevance grouping on search results. The companies named in the suit are AOL, Google, IAC Search and Media, Gannett Company, and Target.

The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and it was field by I/P Engine, Inc. The suit alleges that the companies are infringing on a patent held by I/P Engine that has to do with relevance filtering technology for search results. The company also claims that the tech is used to place ads with more relevance online.

I/P Engine says that it acquired the patents as part of a portfolio of patents that were purchased from Lycos. Lycos had acquired the patents in the purchase of a company called WiseWire Corporation. What the company is seeking in the suit is unknown right now, but I would assume it to be licensing fees and damages if it wins.