AoC bug results in bigger jubblies

I haven't dove into Age of Conan again since I played it back at GenCon last August. It's not that the game didn't look awesome, but I'm pretty sure my guild on WoW would be pretty upset if I got hooked on a different MMO. It seems that a rather *ahem* large bug busted out during the last patch.

If you rolled a female character, you might notice that she's a little more top-heavy then she was a few days ago. Apparently a specific bit of data that controls the female bust-to-body ratio was unintentionally changed which caused many of the females to hit a growth spurt.

For those of you that want your characters to be a little more conservative on their cup size, you'll be happy to know that they are currently working on a fix. For those excited about the change, well, you'll have something less to be distracted by soon enough.

[via MaxConsole]