AOC AG352QCX curved monitor tempts gamers with FreeSync tech

JC Torres - Nov 9, 2016, 4:30am CST
AOC AG352QCX curved monitor tempts gamers with FreeSync tech

Once upon a time, OK maybe just a year or so ago, curved displays were solely the domain of high-end TV sets. Today, however, these non-flat screens have invaded desktops as well, aiming for perhaps the least likely targets: gamers. Pushing that new wave even further, AOC has revealed its second curved gaming monitor, the AGON AG352QCX. Boasting of a that oh so perfect 2000R radius and a set of gaming-specific features, the AG352QCX is promised to offer the best gaming experience without sacrificing your eyeballs in the process.

Part of the theory behind curved displays is the very same principle used in cinemas. The curved screens follow the natural curve of our eyeballs and offer a more believable visual effect. But it can’t just any curve, mind you. It has to be 2000R, as many TV makers would claim. That means that, if the curved screen were to become a full circle, it would form a circle with a radius of 2000 mm or 2 meters.

Of course, a fancy, wide-screen 21:9 curved display might be OK for most computer users, but not for gamers. At least not without the bells and whistles that would make this AOC AGON monitor a perfect fit for even the most fast-paced game. That comes in the form of Adaptive-Sync, which supports FreeSync technology, AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s similar G-SYNC. These technologies work to banish lag and tearing by automatically syncing the monitor’s refresh rate and the graphics card output. The monitor also touts a Low Input Lag Mode to also sync the output with your mouse clicks and keyboard presses.

The AG352QCX also has Shadow Control, which darkens bright areas and lightens dark areas but keeps everything in between at the same brightness. To protect your eyes over hours of gaming, the monitor also has Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features.

The AOC AGON AG352QCX goes on sale in Europe starting December. When it does, it will fetch a price of 799 EUR ($895). While there are no customization options to speak off, the monitor does come with a variable height and angle stand and LED lights to personalize the experience.


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