AnyMeeting's email scheme makes conference call scheduling simple

Sometimes, a long email chain puts everyone off message, with scattered ideas and confused goals. In those days, it's probably best to clear things up with a call, but even getting everyone on the phone can be like herding cats, let alone actually setting up a conference call. With AnyMeeting, you can now schedule a conference call — via email. Already an easy-to-use service, AnyMeeting is going next-level; you can now set up a conference call by adding to an outgoing email.

It really is that simple, too. You can even add the email to a calendar invite you blast out, making the actual scheduling of the call much simpler. It also sends a quick reminder 15 minutes before the call is set to start.

When you cc, you and your recipients will get a separate email detailing all the pertinent info for the conference. Things like what number to call, the passcode to get in, and even a special button for those who might be on mobile.

Possibly best of all, you don't even need an AnyMeeting account to use it.

Though we tend to eschew phone calls for other communication mediums, it's often exactly what's needed. AnyMeeting just made the build-up much easier to get-around, so you can quickly get back to pretending to work while perusing your favorite tech websites.

Source: AnyMeeting