AnyData shows off tiny embedded 2G and 3G modules at CTIA for MIDs

You don't have to be an engineer to understand that the smaller the components and chips inside electronic devices like phones and MIDs can be made, the smaller the devices themselves can be. Smaller components also often mean less power is needed and longer battery life for our gadgets.AnyData has announced that at CTIA in Las Vegas it will be showing off new embedded 2G and 3G models designed specifically for MIDs that are very small. The modules are in the DTW series and measure 21mm x 22mm x 4.5mm making them smaller physically than a quarter. The embedded modules are also very lightweight at 4 grams.

Despite the small size of the modules, the devices have lots of feature like GPS and an integrated accelerometer for motion sensing. The DTW-500 is designed to work on 3G EVDO Rev A networks and the DTW-200 is designed for CDMA 1X networks. A DTW-400 module is designed to operate on UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM. A DTW-600 module works on quad band GSM networks and tri-band UMTS networks using HSPA tech.