AntWorks Habitat

Christina Crouch - Nov 23, 2007

An ant farm is one of those childhood experiences that I never had, Sea Monkeys of course, but no ants. Lucky for me I now live next to a farm who introduced ants into their crop to keep other pests away and many of them find their way into my house. For those of you who are not as lucky as me there is the AntWorks.

Based on a NASA experiment this habitat makes ants cool in a way they never could be. It’s nutritious, yet homey, gel will satisfy all your ants needs, food and shelter. It comes complete with a LED illuminator and comes in blue or red. Each habitat comes with a magnifying glass, an ant catching/tunnel starting tool and an instruction booklet.

The AntWorks habitat will cost you about $30 and you’ll have to find your own ants. I have to say this is pretty nifty even if they are annoying little pests and I could see myself as an ant overlord… er, AntWorks owner.

AntWorks – Space Age Ant Habitat [via Think Geek]

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