AntiSec steals 90,000 military email account addresses and passwords

The rash of hacks and attacks against the websites of government and private firms over the last year has grown to proportions we have never seen before. Hacker groups have been pilfering data from servers that are poorly secured in droves and then posting the information stolen online to prove they made the hack. The most recent hack that AntiSec has taken credit for was of a server run by military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

The attackers claim that they were able to steal 90,000 email addresses and passwords for military accounts. AntiSec claims that it accessed the information via an unprotected server. Booz Allen has offered no official comment on the attack, but if the server really was poorly protected the technology firm will have some explaining to do.

Each time these hackers steal more data on innocent users I wonder how long this will go on. The US government has already passed measures that allow it to treat cyber attacks as an act of war. I keep wondering when we will see a war on hackers declared along the lines of the war on terror. With the hacker group moving increasingly towards attacks on government and military networks I think that day is coming.

[via WSJ]