Antec Unveils New Soundscience A/v Cooler To Keep Your Home Theater Gear Frosty

I have a bunch of gear stuffed into my entertainment system at home. That means that the inside of my entertainment center stays hot all year long thanks to the doors on the front. In fact, the high heat inside the entertainment center contributed to the failure of my PS3 last year. If you have a lot of gear in your entertainment center and needs a way to keep your hardware cool Antec has a new offering that might do the trick.

The device is called the Antec soundscience a/v cooler. It looks pretty much just like the coolers that Antec and others make for notebooks where you sit the notebook on top of the aluminum plate and the cooler helps dissipate heat. The top of the a/v cooler is made from aluminum. Inside there are a pair of 80mm fans to cool your hardware and shoot that heat out the back.

The blower fans are two speed and pull the heat from under the a/v cooler and then shoot the heat out of the back vents. The fans are designed to be quiet with 28.7dBA of sound. The cooler needs 5W of power on its fastest setting. The soundscience a/v cooler will sell for $139.95.