Antec Skeleton case: a Convertible for your Core

Chris Davies - Sep 16, 2008
Antec Skeleton case: a Convertible for your Core

The Antec Skeleton case almost seems to be a contradiction in terms, as for your money you don’t actually get much casing.  What you do get is a 250mm fan mounted on top of an arched framework, with a slide-out motherboard tray and, underneath, space for your PSU and drives.  Antec are saying it provides “unprecedented airflow”, which I suppose is accurate unless up until now you’ve left your PC components lying around on a window-ledge.

There are four drive bays, two externally-accessible 5.25-inch slots and two internal 3.5-inch slots, with an optional side-tray that holds a further four 3.5-inch drives.  Meanwhile room for seven expansion slots accommodates even 11-inch video cards, and there are two USB 2.0 ports, one Firewire, one eSATA and audio in/out. 

As well as the 250mm color-customizable LED fan up top (make sure the cat doesn’t get too near if the fan-guard is left off) there’s a 92mm fan at the front to directly cool the hard-drive bays.  I always thought that a managed airflow was better than having a cooling free-for-all, so the theory behind the Skeleton confuses me; can anybody with a better grasp of case cooling educate me in the comments?

According to Antec the Skeleton is “coming soon”.

[via Hack-a-Day]

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