Antec rocks us with the rockus 2.1 speaker system

Shane McGlaun - Feb 11, 2011
Antec rocks us with the rockus 2.1 speaker system

Antec is a name well known in the computer world for making some nice computer cases, power supplies and other gear that computer enthusiasts know and love. Antec has unveiled a new set of speakers for computer fans called the rockus.

The system is a 2.1 offering with some 3D sound tech inside. The official name for the speaker system is the soundscience rockus 3D| 2.1 speaker system. The 3Dsst 3D sound tech uses DSP to create virtual surround sound from 2.1 speakers. The resulting sound promises to be more immersive.

The big subwoofer has deep bass of the sort to be heard and felt and has a passive radiator for more bass. The speakers have a total power output of 150W with each satellite getting 25W and the sub getting 100W. The speakers have 3D mode for gaming and movie and have an optical input for use with game consoles and other items. A remote for adjusting the sound is included and the frequency response is 10Hz to 20kHz. The speakers sell for $249.99.

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