Antarctica Sets Record For Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded On Earth

It has been unusually cold here in parts of Texas, if we get below freezing and stay for a few days it's a rare occurrence during the winter. Since we aren't really prepared for the cold, those near freezing temps bring unending complaints from residents and make Northerners laugh. We're a tropical people. Those near freezing temperatures are like a hot summer day compared to a record setting low recorded in Antarctica.

Scientists studying satellite data on the content recently found that the record low temperature was set back in August of 2010. No one even knew it got that cold until the data was recently analyzed. How cold did it get? In August of 2010, temperatures in East Antarctica reached -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

That works out to 93.2 degrees below 0C. That temp is cold enough that it would hurt to breathe according to scientists. The study of the satellite data also revealed that Antarctica came close to that record setting low again on July 31 of 2013.

On that day, the temperature dipped to -135.3 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a mere half-degree warmer than the record low. The previous coldest recorded temperature was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. One scientists said temps that low are akin to what we would see on the poles of Mars on a summer day. The scientist believes that these locations in Antarctica are the coldest places on Earth.

SOURCE: Fox News