ANT unveils latest protocol, offers improvements in power and speed

ANT Wireless has announced its next generation protocol, which offers improvements in both efficiency and functionality that the company says are essential to health, fitness, and sports, all areas where the company focuses. The new protocol has been launched on what ANT reports as the industry's first SoC, offering advantages in multiple areas, including cost, speed, power, and size.

The result of all this will be an overall better experience for consumers, who will enjoy simpler operation, as well as a better security, more functionality, and longer battery life. Channels can now be encrypted between multiple devices, signal acquisition and data transport speeds have both been improved. Both event buffering and event filtering have resulted in overall reduced system power.

As part of the ANT+ "experience," several improvements have been implemented, such as a quicker connection to computers and mobile devices. The power used between displays and sensors has been polished to provide better balance and less power usage, resulting in longer battery life. Downloads and data access are both hailed as thrice faster than previously, eliminating wait time.

According to ANT's President Rod Morris, "Our fundamental goal is to always deliver ANT products that are forward-focused and future proof so that manufacturers can continually build upon what they do. "Because we deliver technology that works easily, consumers receive the very best available devices and can draw from an incredibly diverse and established ecosystem."

[via This is ANT]