Another K-pop band sets new YouTube 24-hour viewing record

The South Korean boy band BTS is no longer the 24-hour viewing record holder over at YouTube. Another band has risen above the group, and it's not surprising that it comes from the same genre. Blackpink managed to rake in more than 82 million views on its new single hit "How You Like That" within the first 24 hours on the video streaming platform, exceeding BTS' 74.6 million views during the same period of time.

YouTube is the most popular streaming website in the world, home to a vast catalog of music videos dating back decades. The service has become the main destination for a number of singles and the fans who want to hear them, resulting in a number of notable hits that have raked in millions of views within hours on the platform.

Many artists hold various records on YouTube, but the 24-hour viewing record is arguably one of the most coveted. The honor once again goes to a K-pop band, this time Blackpink, for breaking BTS' record with a total of 82.4 million views in a single day, according to Variety.

As of noon EST on Sunday, June 28, "How You Like That" boasts 128 million views on YouTube, potentially making it the new record-holder for the band with a single that hit 100 million views the fastest. The achievements highlight the popularity of the band and K-pop in general, as well as YouTube as a dominant platform in the music streaming industry.

Anyone can hop on YouTube and watch the video now; if you want to listen to it without the YouTube app open or the screen turned on, though, you'll need a YouTube Music subscription. With this plan, viewers can save videos for offline viewing, play videos without advertisements, and play videos with the device screen off or the YouTube app in the background.