Another innocent RIAA victim is taking his case for legal fees to the Supreme Court

James Allan Brady - Mar 25, 2008

The RIAA is easily the most anti-American organization still in existence right where they are constantly nailing innocent people and the courts generally find in their favor when it comes to awarding legal fees to victorious defendants. Well, that time may be coming to a quick and concise end.

How many lawsuits do you think the RIAA would be filing if they knew they not only had to pay their own legal fees, but the legal fees of the accused if the accused was found not guilty, or more likely, if the RIAA dismissed the case. The RIAA has gotten quite tricky with its guerilla legal tactics often times just dismissing the case when no clear positive end is in sight for them.

They seem to constantly be able to pull a rabbit trick out of their ass just in time so that almost all cases against the RIAA are lost, and the majority of cases the RIAA has against individuals are won, and it’s just wrong. Well, much like anything that constantly attacks you, Americans have grown sick of such business practices and have begun putting up a strong fight against the RIAA. People like you and me have managed to start winning more and more cases against the RIAA and yet even when they win they get screwed with legal fees that the RIAA should have to pay.

There are a lot of things stacking up in this case that will help motivate the Supreme Court to actually see this case, and I hope they do, deciding something like this now would affect far more cases than just those that the RIAA is involved in but the RIAA would easily be the most affected by a verdict in favor of Cliff Thompson, the former defendant in an RIAA case. The RIAA’s spray and pray legal tactics would no longer cut it when they were losing twice as much money from cases they lost. It would almost make the entire pirate hunting party more of an expense than just letting them steal the music.

[via arstechnica]

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