Anonymous targets music industry with AnonTune

Just yesterday we saw Anonymous creating their own alternative to Pastebin, AnonPaste, and now a group of coders affiliated with the shadowy group have announced that they're planning to create an anonymous streaming music service. The service, called AnonTune, is in early development, but the goal is to pull in music from across the internet and let users listen anonymously.

The idea first came about when a group of hackers met and began discussing their favourite music, as well as various services already in place. They recognized that while YouTube housed a lot of music (legit or otherwise), it didn't have more obscure bands or songs. The group then had the idea of pulling in music from various sites across the internet, such as Tumblr and Yahoo, among others.

A prototype of AnonTune was created in December. While the site itself wasn't particularly good, the group liked the idea and pledged to begin work on it, enough to give up their old hacking ways. The group also posted a video to YouTube outlining the project back in February, declaring that the music industry was corrupt and that online music "has been sabotaged by the fat hands of corporate involvement."

There's only a crude demo of the technology available at right now, although we have to wonder how successful it hopes to be when services like Spotify are largely solving the problem of online music.

[via BGR]