Anonymous pledges weekly attacks on Friday

We're all used to celebrating Fridays as the end of the work or school week, giving us a chance to relax and unwind, and creating excuses so we don't have to wake up early on Saturday. But for another group of people, Fridays will become a bit more serious. Infamous hacking group Anonymous has decided to commit to at least of hack every week, and it will happen on Fridays.

Most recently, Anonymous has claimed credit for attacking a webserver at the Federal Trade Commission as well as a recent compromise of the official CIA website. These are of course just the latest in what has become an entire legacy of Anonymous hacking. We, for one, have lost count. The group is still as strong and active as ever, and now it wants to make its anti-corporate message even stronger.

In an instant message exchange with a writer, an anonymous Anonymous representative was quoted as saying, "Each and every Friday we will be launching attacks... with the specific purpose of wiping as many corrupt corporate and government systems off our internet." He noted, "We are already sitting on dozens of unreleased targets." Until their message is ringing around the world, the tipster said there is "no foreseeable end in sight."

[via Wired]