Anonymous picks up litter in latest protest effort

This week it seems that the collective known as Anonymous has taken to picking up trash in the streets in order to push forth as a positive force in the world of activist computer hacking. This protest has been made against a recent revision of Japanese laws against illegal downloads of media on the web. This protest is an effort to show the world that Anonymous is not a terrorist organization, instead representing themselves with an act of public good to show their dissent against what they feel are unfair internet laws.

It was a collection of 80 members of the Anonymous conglomeration that hit the street this week in Tokyo, complete with their V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks and their iconic black suits as well. They hit Tokyo's Shibuya Ward and made a quick thing of it, making sure there were plenty of photographers around to capture the event as it went down.

The folks in Anonymous have been vocal, for their part, in letting the world know that they feel Japan has not done an adequate job of representing the full truth about the laws they're protesting and the changes that have been made in Japanese law as of late regarding web downloads. This protest has been called just one of many upcoming "Cleaning Service" protests Anonymous has said they'll be making, with future litter removal dates planned for the future around the world.

Hopefully they'll be showing up in your local town soon, clean streets as a protest for everyone!

[via Japan Daily Press]