Anonymous #OpCartel ends over fears of death and violence

I don't think any of us though there was a redeeming quality about Anonymous and the way they hack credit card information and other personal details about people and then offered it up publically. Not too long ago, the hacker collective took on a project that had some redeeming qualities in an effort to out pedophiles online that were looking at child porn online.

In the next attempt to actually do something good was a battle against some of the Mexican drug cartels that are being so violent. The plan by Anonymous was to out the details on people that were helping the cartels. Plans were to release details on taxi drivers, journalists, police, and others assisting the Zeta cartel.

The problem was that some security experts reported that the drug cartel was hiring security experts to track down the members of Anonymous that participated. The alleged abduction of a member of Anonymous was apparently some of the reason for the plan. Some of the Anonymous members are now saying that abduction never happened. Anonymous has since backed away from its plan to out Zeta helpers. Anonymous won't release any details on the Zeta cartel out of fear that people will be killed.

[via Guardian]