Anonymous may be testing a new attack tool dubbed #RefRef

With some high profile arrests in hacking cases lately it appears that Anonymous might be working on a new attack tool that makes it less likely that the attackers can be caught. The DDoS tool that anonymous is using in its attacks now is called LOIC. The new tool is apparently called #RefRef and the new tool attacks with new weapons.

Apparently, #RefRef uses Javascript and SQL to attack the target site and uses the websites own processing power to crash it. The software tool is platform independent and can be used off any device that supports Javascript including smartphones. The first test of the new attack tool was apparently against PasteBin. The image you see here is a tweet from PasteBin.

The test is said to have lasted only 17 seconds and the website was down for 42 minutes after the attack. The tool is reportedly going to replace the current Anonymous tool LOIC in September.