Annual Sales For Self-Driving Cars To Hit 11.8M Units By 2035

There are a lot of automotive manufacturers and technology firms that are working on technology for vehicles that can drive themselves. There are two overall types of self-driving vehicles today, ones that require some driver input and those that are fully autonomous and need no driver. Google is probably the biggest name in the fully autonomous game right now.

Most major automakers are working on self-driving cars that do require some driver input. This is tech that allows the vehicle to take over braking and throttle in traffic to help prevent some rear end collisions. Some automakers also have tech that can steer for the driver in this situations as well.

A new report from IHS Automotive has been published and the report says that annual sales volumes for self-driving cars will reach 230,000 units by 2025 and by 2035 sales volume will hit 11.8 million units. By 2035, the report predicts there will be 11.8 million self-driving cars in use globally.

IHS predicts that by 2050 almost all cars will be of the self-driving variety. The report predicts the more self-driving cars that hit the road, the safer the roadways around the country will be. The first wave of self-driving cars is expected to have features similar to autopilot on aircraft. Later in the 2020 range, self-driving cars are expected to handle more complex conditions. Nissan has promised to have self-driving cars on the market by 2020. The tech is expected to add $7000 to $10000 to the price of a car in 2025.

SOURCE: Desmoines Register