Anki OVERDRIVE gets wild with Fast & Furious Edition

Some like their cars with finesse and suave. Others like theirs with missile launchers and all sorts of hi-tech weapons of mass destruction. For the latter class, the closest you'll get to cars like those are in movies like the Fast & Furious or toys like Anki OVERDRIVE. So, why not have them both? That is exactly what Anki and Universal thought when they came together to bring fans of both franchises the Anki OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition.

You could think of the Anki OVERDRIVE as the AI-powered version of Fast & Furious' wildest car action scenes. Or the Fast & Furious movies being the "real-life" adaptation of your fictional Anki OVERDRIVE setting. Either way, considering that cars with exhilarating capabilities and power are involved, this match is almost made in heaven.

The Fast & Furious Edition introduces two new robotic battle-racing cars to the set, straight from the film's world. Those two include Dom's Ice Charger and Hobb's MXT, each with its own unique weapons, sounds, and "personalities".

The tie-in doesn't end there, of course. In addition to a new track piece, there are also new games that will have you working together or against each other and characters from the films, including mainstays Dom, Hobby, Letty, and Tej. You can even battle against the whole Toretto crew if you so wish.

Before you get too excited, the Anki OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition isn't going on sale until September. You can, however, put in a pre-order at starting 16th May for $169.99. Don't worry if you feel a bit short on cars because the special edition is completely compatible with the rest of the Anki OVERDRIVE system, including previous cars and trucks. You will, however, need a separate Fast & Furious Edition app.