Anki Overdrive gains new play modes

Earlier this year we talked about the cool racing game called Anki Overdrive. This isn't some sort of mobile or console game that you play in the virtual world. Anki Overdrive is a racing game with virtual weapons that has players controlling tiny cars via smartphones on a real track. It's sort of like the next generation of slot cars.

If you have been dying to get your hands on the Anki Overdrive system, some updates have been announced. One of the updates is that the game has new play modes. One new mode for the game is called King of the Hill.

This pits players against each other in a game of tag. Once you take out the leader you need to avoid being shut down by other players for 60 seconds to win. Along with the announcement of the new play mode, also comes the release of the starting price for the system.

The Starter pack will cost £149.99, and will be available from September 20th. While we don't know what specifically that starter pack includes, we can assume the track and at least one car. You will need smartphones to control the cars as well. Check out the video below to see the King of the Hill mode and other action.

SOURCE: Toynews