Anker iPhone MagSafe battery pack released for simple power

The Anker iPhone MagSafe battery pack was released at last – just as the company suggested it would. They've had this particular battery pack in the works for a couple of months, having digitally previewed the device first at CES 2021. This device has the name Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank, and it's available for the masses right this minute.

Starting with iPhone 12, Apple included a new MagSafe system with their top-tier iPhone devices. This magnet-centric system allows accessory makers to easily and gracefully connect to the iPhone with a magnetically connected and centered system. The first and most obvious use for this system is the quick and easy centering of an iPhone on a wireless charging station.

Anker took the initiative here in 2021 to create just about the simplest next step with batteries connected with MagSafe for the iPhone. This PowerCore device is a wireless, rechargeable battery pack that connects to the back of the iPhone with MagSafe on the go.

The only unfortunate bit about this battery pack is its limits in charging speed. Because this battery pack is not an "official" accessory, it can only charge at a maximum of 5W. If Apple releases a similar system, we have no doubt they'd allow the full speed to charge at 15W – with MagSafe, wirelessly.

For now, this Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank is the simplest and most easily accessible on-the-go battery pack for the iPhone 12 family. The easiest to use and most readily accessible MagSafe-friendly battery pack, anyway. This 5,000mAh battery pack can be purchased now for right around $40 USD.

UPDATE: Orders placed now appear to be shipping around the middle of April, so it's more like we're looking at a pre-order... but still, here it is. Let us know if you'll be buying this one or if you'd rather wait for one made by Apple.