Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets Valentino, Marc Jacobs fashion clothing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quickly becoming an outlet of creativity and even artistic expression thanks to its rather ingenious system for adding images or new items to the game. Just recently, the Getty Art Museum used that system to let players put historical art pieces into, well, digital art pieces. Now fashion designers are also getting into the game, this time with masterpieces you can wear to show off your fashion sense.

Although the Animal Crossing series has always been known for its customization features, the Switch-exclusive New Horizons took that to a new level, partly thanks to how easy it was to do so these days. One need only scan a QR code with a phone or type in a creator code to download items that have been designed for other players to use, enjoy, and show off.

It turns out that it may also be a good way to do some light product advertisements, even if the low-res graphics quality of the game and the limited number of shapes and colors make it difficult to truly produce an identifiable branded product. Nonetheless, fashion houses Marc Jacobs and Valentino agreed it might be a good way to get their names across, even if only superficially.

This fashion campaign was organized by the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive or ACFA and it's actually surprising that the fashion brands were quite game with the idea. Of course, it's not like they were designing real-world clothes but they do keep a pretty close eye on anything that would use their name in any official capacity. Especially if those turn out to be fashion pieces in a game.

Players who want to brag about wearing a Valentino or a Marc Jacobs can easily do so by typing in the codes for the items in-game. Alternatively, those with the Nintendo Switch Online app on their phones can also scan QR codes to unlock the same items to wear and flaunt on your own deserted island paradise.