Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets back-to-back updates - here's what's changed

Ever since releasing a couple of weeks ago, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received a handful of updates. As we head into the weekend, the game has received another pair pretty much back-to-back. The first update brought the game to version 1.1.2 yesterday, with a second one bringing the game up to version 1.1.3 this morning. In both cases, the updates fix issues rather than adding new content.

Version 1.1.2 is definitely the more hefty update of the two. According to the patch notes on Nintendo of America's website, this update mostly deals with fixing issues related to residents moving to and from your island. Specifically, the update fixes an issue where animals sometimes wouldn't move onto your island after you've invited them and picked out a plot for their house.

The result, of course, was a vacant plot that just sat there as sold but no one ever moved into. After the version 1.1.2 update has been applied, the plot of land will revert to being available, allowing another resident to move in, but unfortunately, this means that the animal you originally invited won't move in.

Other issues fixed with this update include one where requests from Tom Nook to designate a plot of land for a new resident would disappear, and one that prevented players from moving a resident's house after they leave the island. Nintendo has also fixed an issue "where both Nook Miles and Bells are subtracted when you use Nook Miles Tickets to go on a Mystery Tour and purchase an item from Wilbur." Finally, the patch notes say that "other issues" have been resolved, but doesn't specify what those issues are.

That leaves us with the version 1.1.3 update, which shipped today. The patch notes on Nintendo of America's website haven't been updated to include version 1.1.3 yet, but Nintendo of Europe's support site tells us all we need to know. The sole fix is for an issue where balloons stopped showing up, so if you experienced that bug, you should be able to actually get the Bunny Day recipes and eggs that drop from balloons.

Even though Nintendo of America's patch notes haven't updated yet, I can confirm that version 1.1.3 (or version 1.1.3a) is live here in the US, so give the update a download and start popping some balloons. We'll let you know when more updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrive, so stay tuned for that.