Angry Birds Valentines Day Edition Coming Up Next

The newest edition of the massively successful mobile phone game Angry Birds is set to come out Valentine's Day with a special pink addition to what we're pretty sure will be the Seasons version of the game. Seasons already has Christmas and Halloween sets of levels, and this love-based new set would fit perfectly in the timeline. This news was released by DW-TV (Deutsche Welle) via YouTube where the personality speaking notes that "The designers and game developers at Rovio are currently working on new versions of their game, like this update in pink, due to come on the market on February the 14th – Valentine's Day."

If you're in the mood to watch the entire clip, you can grab a bit of additional insight on how the game got its start (with a mother of a developer delaying a dinner party because she could not stop playing,) and simple fun facts (like the fact that originally there was no slingshot and the game made no sense!) Mikael Hed, CEO and co-founder of Rovio notes that the future of Angry Birds has the potential to include additional games, merchandise, and even TV shows and movies! Wacky stuff man, wacky. Check out the full clip here:

NOTE: They don't mention if the game will be released on both iOS and Android at the same time, but if we had to guess, we'd say yes.

[Via AndroidCommunity]