Angry Birds Transformers released - and not half bad

It should come at somewhat of a surprise that we'd recommend you pick up the Angry Birds Transformers release. It's out today, and it's ready to roll out with... a very strange format. Instead of letting birds loose at your enemy piggies with a slingshot, you're shooting them with your wrist cannons and transforming your body to take them on in 3D space. If nothing else this is certainly the most unique take on Angry birds we've seen thus far. It might even be described as FUN.

This release appears to be far more of a take on the 1980's cartoon Transformers universe than it does on the most recent films. As if the toys are coming back to life with Angry Birds faces and features.

You'll be pummeling your enemies to the side as you run in this side-scrolling adventure for both iOS and Android.

Good times 80's cartoon action coming at you!

We'll expect that the game will be released on all platforms with the same caveats as previous Angry Birds games, with in-game purchases popping up and/or the ad supported free versions coming alongside paid off-modes.

If you really want to spend cash with the iOS and/or Android versions of this game, you're in luck. Thus far, this game's in-app purchase scale starts at $4.99 and rails up to $99.90 USD. Supposing you want crystals – sweet, precious crystals – that is to say and need.