Angry Birds Space Secret Level Tip For Combating Cyber-Bullying

Rovio announced Angry Birds Space in cooperation with NASA from the ISS in orbit above the Earth this month. The game is being used to help demonstrate the way physics work in space. Fans of the game will be able to get a hint at unlocking a secret level in the game by supporting MTV's "A Thin Line" campaign. The goal of that campaign is to fight digital abuse, bullying, and discrimination online.

Players of the game will be able to get a hint on how to access the secret level in the game when they post a positive action using the MTV Draw Your Line app. Apparently, those positive actions can be anything from promising to step in when you see someone being bullied online to changing social media and e-mail passwords. You can also spread resources for the campaign using social networking.

The program kicks off on March 22, which is the day Angry Birds Space launches. I can understand why MTV and Rovio would use Angry Birds Space as a platform to help promote the movement to stop bullying online. The game is destined to be wildly popular and played by people of all ages. My seven-year-old daughter loves Angry Birds and games such as this are likely to be the first place young children are exposed to anti-bullying campaigns.

[via Mashable]