Angry Birds Rio Gets First Update Next Week

Have you played Angry Birds Rio? According the the Angry Birds Facebook page, the first update to the game is on its way next week. The update is called "Jungle Escape", and can be seen ready to be unlocked in the screenshot after the cut. It promises more "marmoset-mauling action" and "juicy secrets to discover."

Angry Birds Rio joins the original birds with the storyline of the movie Rio, with the birds kidnapped, caged, and transported to Rio de Janeiro. However, they quickly escape, and are on a mission to free the rare and endangered birds who are being held captive in Rio. The captives include Blu and Jewel, who star in the movie. This is the storyline of Smuggler's Den, the current installment of the game. We will have to wait for the update to see what new birds are revealed, and what the next mission of the Angry Birds will be. Many of the commenters on the Facebook page were questioning why the update is taking so long, since it is already May, and it hasn't been launched yet.

From the Facebook page:

Squawk! Hold on to your hats, people: the first update for Angry Birds Rio lands next week! Get ready for more marmoset-mauling action and more juicy secrets to discover. Did you already find all the Golden Pineapples and Bananas?

Are you excited about the update? Going to be less productive tomorrow? Have you found the pineapples and bananas yet?

[via Angry Birds Facebook Page]