Angry Birds Movie actors realize Sean Penn is in the film

Speaking with three of the main actors in The Angry Birds Movie this past week, we happened upon a realization of sorts. This movie is packed with well-known actors of all sorts – most of whom have done both live-action acting and animation (voice) work as well. This is a film where an actor would be forgiven for forgetting the entire cast list of fellow actors – especially if they had no scenes with them in the same studio. In fact with so few lines in the film, it's not out of the question to assume that Sean Penn didn't spend nearly as much time in the recording booth as the rest of the cast. As such, it's easy to forget he was there at all.

We spoke with Jason Sudeikis, who plays the main character in The Angry Birds movie, "Red", as well as Maya Rudolph and Josh Gad. Rudolph plays Sudeikis' character's anger management class teacher, while Gad's character, Chuck, also plays a part as a student in the class. They all have anger issues in the film in one way or another – hence the name of the film.

Speaking about the ways in which each of the actors prepare themselves differently for a role when their role is an animal – animation, in this case, it was Rudolph who spoke up first.

"I do way more push-ups," said Rudolph

"Yep, you've got to," said Sudeikis

"I went to an aviary for 2-months," said Gad

"Oh boy, here we go." – Rudolph

"Liar." – Sudeikis

"I lived in it, I lived there – studied all the different birds, the different species, the calls, learned the mating rituals..." – Gad

"What if he's not lying?" – Rudolph, to Sudeikis

"He might not be lying, it sounds like..." Sudeikis, to Rudolph

"What if I'm not lying, what is, does that make me..." – Sudeikis

"Well then you might be the Sean Penn of animation." – Rudolph

"Of animation!" – Gad

"Yeah." – Sudeikis

"It's true." – Gad

"Wait, but we HAVE a Sean Penn of animation!" – Sudeikis

"Wait a minute, you're right!" – Rudolph

"Well exactly, you're right." – Gad

"It's getting meta." – Sudeikis

Rudolph went on to give a slightly more serious answer, suggesting that though she doesn't feel any difference playing the role of a human VS an animal (voice acting, that is), she does feel that it is "incredibly liberating as an actor to play any thing."

"You know, you can genuinely be any one or any thing in animation, but it feels so human. Playing these characters [in The Angry Birds Movie]."

The Angry Birds Movies comes to theaters in the USA on the 20th of May, 2016.

That's this Friday!