Angry Birds downloaded over 8 million times on Christmas Day

It turns out that Angry Birds was a huge hit on Christmas Day. The series ended up getting over 8 million downloads on December 25 alone. The Finnish game studio, Rovio, released an infographic today dealing with the Angry Birds success over the holiday. Christmas week (December 22-29) saw a total of 30 million Angry Birds downloads.

According to data from mobile app analytics company Flurry, December 25 saw approximately 17.4 million new Android and iOS phones and tablets being activated, and Rovio said its download numbers meant an Angry Birds game was downloaded on every other new device that day, meaning that the popularity of the game has yet to die down.

Unfortunately, Rovio didn't provide a specific game-by-game breakdown of downloads. The newest addition to the Angry Birds family is Angry Birds Star Wars, which launched back in November on a variety of devices. While Rovio hasn't released statistics on the new game, it has maintained its position at the top of the US iTunes App Store charts since its release.

While Angry Birds may have been one of the first games that new mobile users downloaded on Christmas morning, we can't blame those who wanted to get away from the family for a little bit to slingshot birds at pigs for an hour or two. And these Christmas Day stats go to show that the series hasn't slowed down one bit.