Andy Rubin’s Essential jumps on Twitter, teases something big

JC Torres - May 25, 2017, 8:26pm CDT
Andy Rubin’s Essential jumps on Twitter, teases something big

Andy Rubin, father of Android, left Google more than two years ago to start his own adventures. Not long afterwards, it was believed that he would be making his own smartphone under a new “Essential” company. He did make a big announcement earlier this month, but it was for a different product for a different startup. It seems that the Essential phone, or something related to it, is still on track and, based on a Twitter post, will finally be revealed at the end of the month.

Not much is known about the Essential phone, aside from a few choice teasers from Rubin himself last March and a GFX sighting last month. It hinted at a nearly bezel-free screen that may even best the Galaxy S8. The specs have also been promising, sporting the cream of the crop as far has hardware goes.

It seems that Rubin and his Essential company are ready to finally reveal all. A new Twitter account has been set up with only two tweets as of this writing. The first was to announce that a formal announcement is going to be made on the 30th. The other is a teaser that could be interpreted in two ways.

The image shows a silhouette of what is unmistakably a phone with something jutting out from the top. Given accessories like Insta360’s cameras and Rubin’s involvement in the Lighthouse smart home camera, the chances are good that this would also be something similar.

Now the big question is whether Essential’s big reveal will be just about that accessory or if it will be about both a smartphone and an accessory. And if it is indeed a smartphone, will it even run Android? All will be revealed, hopefully, next week so stay tuned.

SOURCE: @Essential

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