Andy Rubin, the man behind the Google Phone, and the kid you wish you could be

Let's start at his home's front door, he has a freaking retinal scanner! Then, if you hit the doorbell, a robotic arm swings around and hits a giant gong. How cool is that?

He also has a laser controlled Segway, and a group of autonomous R/C helicopters. So, why is this guy in charge of making the Google Phone into whatever its going to be?

Mainly because he has been doing this type of stuff in the mobile industry for ages now, I mean the guy is 41. So it all started with Apple, where he eventually wound up working for one of their shoot-offs, Magic Cap, where they designed a mobile OS for handheld devices, that bombed because it was a little to early for the tech they were marketing.

Then the next mobile project he worked on was the SideKick, yeah, he and a few of his engineer friends designed the SideKick that so many of you love and enjoy, then when he left that company, Danger Inc., he went and started another company, Android, whose goal was to make another mobile OS, that's when Google bought that company, and that's how he ended up working for Google.

So, all in, I'd say this guy is probably pretty qualified to be the main mover and shaker in the Google Phone arena, I mean the only thing he has spent more of his engineering skill on than mobile devices and OS's is robots, and that's just cool. So, thank you Mr. Rubin and I can't wait to see what you do with the Google Phone.

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