AndRovio: remote control Rovio from your Android phone

If the thought of remotely controlling you Rovio robot webcam from a cellphone is appealing, but you don't have a BlackBerry, then AndRovio may be the solution.  Poignant Projects' app runs on Android devices, and allows full control of Rovio including live webcam viewing, camera position control and snapshots.

As well as moving the Rovio around your home or office from wherever you have an internet connection, you're also able to adjust the height of the webcam-neck, turn on or off the robot's lights and set home points.  There are also on-screen warnings should the WowWee robot's IR obstacle detector spot anything in the way, plus you can capture snapshots from the camera and turn on a low-light mode.

A 3G connection is preferred, but AndRovio will work over EDGE if that's all you've got.  AndRovio is currently available to download through the Android Application Market, direct to your smartphone, priced at $0.99.  More screenshots here.