Android Wear video asks why Wearables exist

Chris Burns - Jun 18, 2014, 2:52pm CDT
Android Wear video asks why Wearables exist

A Google Developers video made for Android Wear has been revealed this week, the newest and probably last to be released before Google I/O 2014. This video asks the question – what couldn’t we do on the smartphone that we can now do on the wrist? Placing icons on a smartwatch, for example, is not the solution Google is looking for.

Built around “micro-interactions” that allow the user to save time, the Android Wear universe – from Google’s perspective – must be quicker to use than pulling a smartphone from a pocket. In this way, Google suggests that the wearable universe is not meant to replace the smartphone or tablet directly, but to create an entirely different set of values in a new device ecosystem.

One key element Google speaks of with regard to Android Wear is talking. All officially licensed Google Wear devices will need to be able to receive voice commands via a microphone. It’s apparent that “OK Google” will be the center point of all Android Wear devices.

Another key element in Android Wear devices officially licensed by Google is the wearable’s ability to talk back to the user. Android Wear devices must also have a built-in speaker to do this, creating a spoken-aloud relationship between wearable and user.

Android Wear devices will also display notifications from your phone automatically. No work is necessary on the part of developers – this will work automatically, right out of the box.

It’s quite likely the SDK (software development kit) collection for Android Wear will be revealed during Google I/O 2014. Developers, start your engines.

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