Android Wear Translate makes your watch a live language expert

Today Google has updated Android Wear with Translate, an app which allows you to speak to your watch and see a translation instantly. This app works with 44-languages, harvesting language knowledge from the Google Translate library. Once you choose a language, speaking to your watch will result in instant translations in text form. Once you've read what you need to read, you can flip your wrist to see the other of the two languages you've chosen.

So you speak Spanish and you're visiting China. You need to ask someone there where the bathroom is. You open up Google Translate on your Android Wear device and choose Spanish and Chinese. You speak aloud and show your watchface to the person you're speaking with. They see what you've said in Spanish on the screen typed out in Chinese.

At any time, once they begin to speak, you'll have only to flip your wrist to see what was said in Chinese written in Spanish. This app listens for both languages you've got set up at once.

This feature for Android Wear works in any of 44 languages, and will be expanding in the near future. Google Translate cover 90 languages for text translation on your smartphone or desktop device – more will be coming to the Android Wear universe soon!

This update is included in the newest version of the base Android Wear app on Google Play, available for download now. Have at it!