Android Wear smartwatch running Windows 7 because why not

Wearables by nature such as Android Wear smartwatches have tiny screens. The screen has to be very small to fit on the wrist, but has to be large enough that the image is easily viewable and you can actually touch the icons. This is why you tend to get apps with very few large icons or buttons on the screen at once so you can see them. As you can tell in the image here, this particular Android Wear smartwatch is running an OS that certainly isn't Android based.

A hacker has been able to get Windows 7 to install on the wearable and it illustrates perfectly why there are no Windows 7-powered smartwatches out there today. The Microsoft OS did port to the Android Wear device with one massive caveat that means you probably won't want to try this at home, at least not if you like your wearable to actually work.

It takes the puny hardware crammed inside the Android Wear device three hours to boot Windows 7. If it takes three hours to boot the OS, I wonder how laggy the OS would be in use on the smartwatch. I think most of us would have assumed after a few minutes that the port didn't work, but Hacking Jules waited for three hours for the boot process to finish.

If you feel like waiting hours just to see Windows 7 on a tiny screen, you need an Android Wear device with ADB enabled, a computer with ABD drivers for your device, and folder, and some leet DOS skillz. The video below walks you through getting Windows 7 on your device. The real question is why would you want to, and I guess the answer for a bunch of hacker geeks with time on their hands and an Android Wear device on the wrist is why not.

SOURCE: Android Community