Android Wear Magic Minute wants to show smartwatches are hip

Are smartwatches still hot? Fitbit might not exactly think so, since it only bought Pebble's software and shutdown its hardware. Other manufacturers might not think so as well, with smartwatches dropping like flies from the Google Store (though there's one new addition). Google, however, wants everyone think these smart timepieces are still a thing, which is why it has launched a new Magic Minute Project, which is basically a marketing campaign that's trying to salvage what little is left of Android Wear's market.

"What's possible in a minute?" That's the question that the Android Wear: The Magic Minute Project asks. Of course, there are a lot of things you can do in a minute, but what Google really wants are the sensational, spectacular, death-defying stunts. Bonus points if they show an Android Wear smartwatch too.

OK, the real focus is really Android Wear, though this is honestly just pure marketing that doesn't really play on the wearable platform's strengths. After all, any modern digital watch has a timer and many fitness bands have heart rate sensors.

Although it has the most abundant number of models to its name, Android Wear's hold on the smartwatch market isn't as strong as it was once, even without the Apple Watch breathing down its neck. Delays in major and much-needed updates have discouraged many hardware makers from putting out new models, leaving consumers with dated smartwatches, both in terms of hardware and software. Perhaps it is almost apt that YouTube personality Andrew Huang, holds a dead unicorn head in his Magic Minute video.

SOURCE: Google