Android Wear could come to iOS as Google preps app

Nate Swanner - Mar 3, 2015, 9:43am CST
Android Wear could come to iOS as Google preps app

As Google I/O approaches, we’ll start to hear some interesting rumors and chatter about what we might discover in May. Though a lot is going on lately with Google+, Android Pay, and Google’s incoming Nexus-ish carrier plans (which we can expect to hear more about at I/O), a lot is left dangling in the wind. Now we’re getting word that Google’s Android Wear platform may not be so Android-y in the future. According to one source, Google is preparing to make Android Wear more available to iOS.

According to the report, Google may unveil an official iOS app for Android Wear at Google I/O in May. The Android Wear app for iOS will be made available for both iPhone and iPad.

There wasn’t much offered beyond the simple mention of the app coming to iOS, so we’re not sure what to expect. It’s not a far-fetched scheme, though. Recently, one enterprising Developer got Android Wear to work with iOS without a jailbreak. It was simply a notification conduit, but that’s the core function of a smartwatch anyway.

To wit, it doesn’t sound as though this will be much more than a proprietary IFTTT type of app. You’d likely have to allow the app/service access to your other apps, which in turn would feed them to your watch. That could affect functionality, and will almost certainly affect response time.

Google’s reason for taking Android Wear to iOS is likely the simplest one. Why ignore a massive share of the smartphone market? With Apple Watch coming into play, wearable fans on iOS may want a lower cost alternative. If Google can do more than simply make Android Wear a second-screen for iOS, they might have a chance.

Via: Mac Rumors

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