Android Wear 2.0 launch pushed back into 2017

Google has made its third Android Wear 2.0 developer preview available, and along with some rather big features (like Google Play support), there comes a fairly major announcement: Google has decided to continue the Android Wear 2.0 developer preview into early 2017. This means that we won't see the official roll out of the new operating system happen until sometime after that.

Whether or not that's a bad thing depends on who you ask. Developers will likely enjoy the extra time they're being given for the preview, especially when you consider that Google has added support for an Android Wear version of the Play Store. With this latest preview, developers can publish their alpha and beta Android Wear apps to the Play Store, and users can search for them using voice, keyboard, handwriting, or recommended queries.

Users won't even need to install apps on both their phone and their watch, as Google is offering the ability to install only the watch version of a new app. If developers want to take it one step further, they have the option of only offering a watch app in the first place, being no longer required to publish phone versions of their apps.

The arrival of the Play Store is definitely the biggest addition in developer preview 3, but coming along with it are new features such a complications permissions, inline actions, and a new UI component called Wearable Recycle View, which allows developers to display vertical lists that are optimized for round displays.

To see the full round up of new features in Android Wear 2.0's third developer preview or find out how to begin publishing apps to the Google Play Store, check out the source link below.

SOURCE: Google