Android vs iPhone user poll shows two very different groups of people

A survey was conducted on approximately 2,000 Americans, one half Android users, the other half iPhone users. The poll covered a whole bunch of topics, like cash spent on tech products, selfies shot, and overall happiness. While there's no telling whether these averages represent greater numbers of Android and iPhone users around the world, these limited results are pretty interesting in and of themselves.

On Phones

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of SlickDeals includes several topics that have to do directly with the subject matter: phones. A lot of the questions explore subjects outside the phone, too – which is bizarre and interesting too – but first let's take a peek at the phone-based subjects. Remember that this is all self-reported and averaged amongst 1,000 Android users and 1,000 iPhone users in the USA.

On texts sent per day, iPhone users reported approximately 58 texts, while Android users said they sent just 26 texts. What's interesting here is the fact that the poll was run on texts, rather than messages in general. I wonder what the results would be if they included Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and services like Snapchat?

For "time spent looking at their phone per day," iPhone users reported they spent an average of 4 hours, 54 minutes. Android responders suggested they were on their phone 3 hours, 42 minutes per day. During that time, iPhone users said they took an average of 12 "selfies" per day. Android users said they took around 7.

On Everything Else

Here's where things get strange. You can extrapolate a LOT from this information – and you can make quite a few assumptions about what it all means. But remember: this is all self-reported and collected in the USA alone. This section covers everything from average salary to favorite TV show – and at this point it's safe to assume we're talking about people old enough to use phones, not kids, so salary fits.

Average salary

• iPhone – $53,251

• Android – $37,040

Ideal weekend night

• iPhone – Out and about with friends

• Android – Curled up on the couch watching TV/movie or reading a book

Leisure trips per year

• iPhone – 4

• Android – 3

Number of close friends

• iPhone – 5

• Android – 3

Money spent on clothing per month

• iPhone – $117.13

• Android – $62.36

Money spent on tech per month

• iPhone – $100.88

• Android – $50.83

Money spent on makeup/beauty products per month

• iPhone – $82.71

• Android – $40.40

Cat or dog?

• iPhone – 50% prefer dog, 19% prefer cat, 31% no preference

• Android – 44% prefer dog, 26% prefer cat, 30% no preference

TV shows

• iPhone – Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, The Walking Dead

• Android – NCIS, Law & Order, SNL

Movie genres

• iPhone – Horror, Drama, Romance

• Android – Thriller, Action, Adventure

It's strange to think that Android users congregate around such serious television shows as NCIS and Law & Order, while iPhone users shows seem to skew fun – Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Friends. And what the heck? Still watching Friends in 2018, almost certainly with Netflix.

Money spent on tech seems to right on-par with money spent per month on clothing. Are Android users more frugal? Do iPhone users have a higher self-worth? Is it simply more common that low-income users buy Android-based smartphones?

It would certainly seem that, based on the question about the ideal weekend night, Android users are more introverted than their iPhone counterparts. That, or they've already done their clubbing during the week and just want to watch Law & Order on the weekends.

Next I'd like to see this survey run again, but separated into those with children and those without. Because that makes ALL the difference in the world on quite a few of the questions on this list. Cross your fingers for more expanded investigations in the near future!