Android vs. iPhone - a battle royal of SDKs

Rich Miner is the Group Manager for Mobile Platforms at Google and he thinks that Android will outsell the iPhone. I'm not saying it won't, I mean they have 4 device manufacturers to Apple's one.

But, I just don't think Android has near the hype around it that the iPhone does, lets say Apple drops a brand new, completely redone 3G iPhone with 32GB of storage, actual GPS, and a few other new features to make it, with respect to hardware, as close to the same as the optimal Android phone, save for the developers and Linux fanboys, which one do you think people are going to buy? Even if you do it fairly and exclude Apple developers and Apple fanboys Apple would probably still sell more.

Anyways, Google is bragging about their 750k SDK downloads since last November while Apple is bragging about 100k SDK downloads on the first day (and it was only half of a day at that). Lastly, Google is talking about all the capabilities of the Android SDK that the iPhone has, and that's probably true, but in the end its Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC's amazing devices that are really going to push the sales of Android phones, not so much the software itself, except for with the first official Android phone out. If Apple releases a 3G iPhone and HTC (likely to be the first) releases a decent Android phone at the same time, I'd probably buy the iPhone first, but I'd get around to buying the HTC too.

[via PhoneMag]